Associate Real Estate Council Inaugurates New Executive Board, Looks Forward to Productive Year

By: nicholasg

Cornell Associate Real Estate Council 2015 Executive Board

  • Co-President: Martin Moser (Baker ’16)
  • Co-President: Aditya Dikolkar (MPS/MBA ’16)
  • Vice President, Careers (Baker): Sameer Godiwala (Baker ’16)
  • Vice President, Careers (Johnson): William Woodworth (Johnson ’16)
  • Vice President, Events (Baker): Jason Henderson (Baker ’16)
  • Vice President, Events (Johnson): Kelly Taylor (Johnson ’16)
  • Vice President, Communications: Scott Guo (Baker ’16)
  • Treasurer: Matthew Green (MPS/MBA ’17)
  • Secretary: Annamaria Lookman (Baker ’16)

The Cornell Associate Real Estate Council (AREC) is proud to announce its new executive board for 2015. Following a very strong year for membership and activities alike in 2014, the new board has already launched several initiatives designed to maximize the integrated networking, educational, and practical benefits that are provided to AREC members. Additionally, the board aims to enhance the AREC experience, drawing upon the varied backgrounds of its members. This year, AREC’s membership is comprised of students from the Baker Program in Real Estate, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell Law School, and City & Regional Planning Program.

Many highlights of the AREC experience come from the “Treks” which take members to selected cities in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. On these treks, AREC members tour real estate projects, often garnering insights from the developers themselves. In addition, networking events with local developers, investors, financiers, and alumni give members a 360-degree view of cities that cannot be achieved in the classroom. Last semester, members enjoyed a day trip to Syracuse, New York, and a weekend trek to Boston, Massachusetts. This semester, AREC has selected Washington, D.C. for the main trek and is planning an additional trek to New York City.

The new AREC Board has also devised ways for members to be more engaged with the industry. ¬†One step toward this has been taken through the introduction Market Update during the biweekly meetings. These short presentations are designed to keep all members informed regarding major transactions, developments, and conditions in the real estate market. Furthermore, the board plans to have students from each constituent academic program present at meetings regarding their area of expertise, including sustainable real estate, transactional law, and niche financing. Regarding this, AREC VP of Careers Sameer Godiwala commented that “our members have such a wide range of backgrounds, so it is only appropriate, especially given the “any person can find instruction in any study” philosophy of Cornell, that we utilize our internal resources to provide a well-rounded real estate forum for our members.”

Co-Presidents Martin Moser and Aditya Didolkar look forward to leading a productive year for the organization. Didolkar is optimistic about the upcoming year, stating that “we are very excited to lead AREC this year and believe we have a full semester of great plans that will help members get the most from a networking, and career prep perspective within real estate.”

AREC enhances the experience of students and is another reason why the Baker Program in Real Estate is the top graduate-level real estate program.