Real Property Markets Just Beyond the Horizon

Guidelines for real property ownership in new frontiers often develop as afterthoughts – reactive measures to adverse events rather than prescriptive ones – and this seems to be true even […]

In Senior Living, Knowledge Drives Performance

A hundred years ago, life expectancy in the United States for men was 53 years and 56 years for women. Today it’s approximately 78 and 82 years, respectively (Berkeley, 2019). […]

DSS Wrap-Up: Daniel Sax (BPRE ’12), Sensi Properties

Baker Program in Real Estate students were treated to an engaging and lively discussion led by Daniel Sax of Sensi Properties as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series.  Based in […]

California High Speed Rail – Sidetracked, but not the End of the Line

Last month, California Governor Gavin Newsom scaled back the California High Speed Rail (HSR) planned from Los Angeles to San Francisco due to budget and time overruns.  The trimmed-down line […]

DSS Wrap-Up: Alan Riffkin (CALS ’88), Managing Director, Real Estate Investment Banking – M&A, Lazard

This past Thursday the Baker Program in Real Estate had the pleasure of welcoming Cornell alumnus Alan Riffkin (CALS ’88) of Lazard, a global leader in merger and acquisition (M&A) […]

DSS Wrap-Up: Karl Mistry (’04), Group President at Toll Brothers

On Thursday, March 7, Karl Mistry returned to Cornell’s Baker Program in Real Estate to deliver an insightful lecture about an oft-ignored topic in professional real estate: single-family home building. […]

Alternative Financing — Real Estate Crowdfunding

Online crowdfunding is a model that has become increasingly popular over the past decade.  Crowdfunding is defined as the practice of funding a project or venture by obtaining small amounts […]

Is a Multi-branded Hotel the Right Option for You? Things to Consider Before Investing in a Multi-Branded Hotel Asset

Have you ever heard the phrase “kill two birds with one stone?”  If so, you are not alone.  The growing number of dual- and triple-branded hotels opening up across the […]

DSS Wrap-up: David Philp (Cornell ’84) – Executive Vice President, Canyon Group

This week, the Baker Program in Real Estate welcomed another Cornellian and stalwart of the hospitality industry, David Philp.  Today, after a long and industrious career in luxury development, Mr. […]

Los Angeles Real Estate Trek: Day Three

On the last day of the Baker Program’s domestic trek, students stayed close to their hotel in downtown Los Angeles to get a walking perspective on some of the projects […]