Minnows & Whales: Raising Equity for Your First Deal – A Conversation with John McNellis

There is a myriad of factors to consider when starting out as a real estate developer.  From deciding on a geographic focus, to selecting an asset class, forming relationships with […]

Mixed-Use Isn’t Just for Major Cities – Talking Master Planned Mixed-Use Development with Newland Communities

Demand for single family housing has reached a level not seen since the peak preceding the Great Financial Crisis.  As the current pandemic wears on, homebuyers continue to look for […]

38th Annual Cornell Real Estate Conference: The 2020 Cornell Industry Leader Award (Tammy Jones ’87, interviewed by Kirk Sykes ’81)

The 38th annual Cornell Real Estate Conference, presented by the Cornell Real Estate Council, concluded on November 11th with the virtual presentation of the 2020 Cornell Industry Leader Award.  This […]

38th Annual Cornell Real Estate Conference: Insights on Real Estate Capital Markets from Leaders on Wall Street (Jeffrey D. Horowitz ’86, Warren de Haan ’97, Sherry Rexroad, and Ralph Rosenberg)

As part of the 38th Annual Cornell Real Estate Conference, Cornell remotely hosted Ralph Rosenberg, KKR’s Global Head of Real Estate; Sherry Rexroad, Senior Product Strategist for Global Real Estate […]