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On Thursday, April 11th, Darien Wright joined Cornell’s Baker Program in Real Estate to lead an insightful discussion on extended stay hotels.  Mr. Wright began his tenure with Brookfield Property Partners in November of 2017 as Vice President of Asset Management and in February of 2018 ascended to his new role as the Chief Operating… […]

The Need for Land Value Capture in Infrastructure: the case of the Tappan Zee Bridge

Public infrastructure has long been financed through direct government budgetary appropriation, grants, and government borrowing.  The long-term debts have typically been repaid from revenues generated by the asset through user charges, or from the general taxing power of the government.  With an increasingly high demand for infrastructure investments, and limited resources to achieve them, other… […]

The Need for Privatized Student Housing

In today’s hyper-competitive college application process, student housing is a focus for many institutions of higher learning.  The administrations and boards of trustees often believe that, by creating more attractive housing opportunities, they can improve their institution’s ability to attract and retain students and faculty residents.  College housing preferences have changed drastically as students are… […]

The Growth of Branded Residences

Residential buildings affiliated with popular brands have been around for quite some time. In today’s globalized market, however, they are seeing exponential growth, as wealthy individuals are looking for second homes.  Today there are over 400 branded residences across the globe, accounting for over 55,000 units. The US is the largest market for branded residences,… […]

DSS Wrap-Up: Panel Discussion, Baker Program Class of 2014

Over the last several years a tradition has formed within the Baker Program in Real Estate of inviting back to campus members of the graduating class from five years prior. On Thursday, March 28th the Baker Program welcomed back just such a group from the class of 2014 for a wide-ranging panel discussion. Prompted by… […]

Real Property Markets Just Beyond the Horizon

Guidelines for real property ownership in new frontiers often develop as afterthoughts – reactive measures to adverse events rather than prescriptive ones – and this seems to be true even for the so-called “final frontier” of outer space.  Since the space race of the 1960’s and 70’s, little work has been done to advance the… […]

In Senior Living, Knowledge Drives Performance

A hundred years ago, life expectancy in the United States for men was 53 years and 56 years for women. Today it’s approximately 78 and 82 years, respectively (Berkeley, 2019). This increasing rate of longevity has had its deviations due to world wars, contagious diseases, opioid epidemics and other problems, but the overall trend represents… […]

DSS Wrap-Up: Daniel Sax (BPRE ’12), Sensi Properties

Baker Program in Real Estate students were treated to an engaging and lively discussion led by Daniel Sax of Sensi Properties as part of the Distinguished Speaker Series.  Based in Toronto, Mr. Sax’s real estate investment portfolio is dedicated solely to properties which operate in the medical and recreational marijuana space.  Between manufacturing, procurement, warehousing,… […]

California High Speed Rail – Sidetracked, but not the End of the Line

Last month, California Governor Gavin Newsom scaled back the California High Speed Rail (HSR) planned from Los Angeles to San Francisco due to budget and time overruns.  The trimmed-down line will now run from Bakersfield to Merced – which was previously the Initial Operating Section (IOS) of the Bay-to-Basin alignment.  With due respect to the… […]