Getting a Degree in Real Estate from the Baker Program

Two Years vs One

Rather than simply scratching the surface with a one-year course of study, the two-year, fully immersive Baker Program provides the most comprehensive graduate real estate education available.

A decision about whether to pursue an MPS in Real Estate from the Baker Program or a one-year masters in real estate or an MBA with a Real Estate concentration should be informed by the type of change you want to make in your career. One-year masters programs in real estate will allow you to develop a basic understanding of some aspects of the industry.  Getting the in-depth knowledge and skills and getting experience through a summer internship are not possible. The sixty-two credits of coursework needed to earn the MPS in Real Estate degree at Cornell provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary foundation for a professional career in real estate.

Real Estate Focused vs General Business

When all of your core coursework is grounded in the real estate industry, you develop a unique understanding of commercial real estate.  A traditional MBA program provides a general understanding of business management functions with the option of completing electives in real estate. The MPS in Real Estate is an industry-specific management degree, meant for those who are committed to career in commercial real estate and related fields.

Immersive Learning

We prepare you to lead in all areas of the industry from development and sustainability to real estate investment and finance. You will learn from the largest full-time real estate faculty in the country and be immersed in the global real estate industry from day one through:

  •  A weekly seminar series with senior industry leaders
  • Alumni networking and mentorship opportunities
  • Domestic and international treks
  • Case competitions
  • Industry conferences


At the end of their first semester, students, in collaboration with their advisors, select a concentration—an area of specialized expertise that distinguishes them in the industry.


A summer internship between the first and second year of the graduate program typically aligns with your chosen area of concentration, and gives you a distinct edge in a finding leadership positions in the industry upon graduation.


In between the fall and spring semesters, graduate students in the Baker Program embark on site visits that include meetings with alumni and local real estate leaders, and exploration of a variety of environments around the world.

Largest Full-Time Faculty

Specialists in their fields, our faculty members provide expertise in areas as diverse as:

  • The role of the developer, owner, investor, financier, operator, and user
  • Investigation into development, finance, investment and deal structuring, architecture, sustainable design, proptech, property management, urban design and economics, and more, all with an underlying emphasis on equitable and sustainable built environments

Outside the Classroom

Case competitions, the Cornell Real Estate Review, student groups, and paid assistantships provide additional opportunities to connect and enhance your graduate real estate education.

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