Master's Degree

A comprehensive, specialized, and flexible real estate degree

Commit to two years of immersive study with Cornell's Baker Program in Real Estate and you will enjoy and be challenges by a transformational education. Leveraging your fundamental knowledge and passion for the industry, the faculty, alumni, and even your fellow students will help you to become a leader in your field. What makes the Baker Program unique?

Largest full-time real estate faculty in the country

Experts in their fields, our faculty members will provide expertise in areas as diverse as:

  • The role of the developer, owner, investor, financier, operator, and user
  • Investigation into development, finance, investment and deal structuring, architecture, construction management, sustainable design, law, property management, urban economics, and planning

Real estate concentration

At the end of the first semester, students, in collaboration with their advisors, select a concentration—an area of specialized expertise that distinguishes them in the industry.

Professional internship

A summer internship between the first and second year typically aligns with the chosen area of concentration, and the second year at the Baker Program is dedicated to completing study in that area of specialization.

Domestic and international real estate case trek

Each year, you will apply your knowledge and challenge your expectations in a week-long, on-site experience. Often hosted by alumni, these treks will strengthen your mastery of commercial real estate.

Management and leadership

Prepare yourself for the leadership, negotiations, and entrepreneurial opportunities that are sure to come your way in the next chapter of your career.

Extracurricular activities

Outside the classroom, there are a wide variety of ways in which you can develop yourself and network.

  • Case competition teams - Cornell has the strongest record of victories in competitions such as UT Austin, MIT Case, ARGUS, and more.
  • REview - The oldest student-led journal of commercial real estate, the REview offers opportunities for students to demonstrate their analytical mastery of commercial real estate through articles, blog entries, and case studies.
  • AREC and CREW - Join Associate Real Estate Council and Commercial Real Estate Women to advance students' connections to the commercial real estate industry through speakers, treks, informational interviews, and more.
  • Assistantships - Provide expertise to industry professionals, faculty members, and the program while benefiting your finances. Available both upon admission and each semester you are enrolled in the program.