Graduate Minor in Real Estate

An option for any professional student at Cornell

Professional graduate students from any discipline at Cornell are invited to enroll in the Graduate Minor in Real Estate. The minor gives professional graduate students across the university the opportunity to take advantage of the wide variety of real estate courses offered by the Cornell Baker Program in Real Estate.

Upon successful completion of the required classes, the Graduate Minor in Real Estate designation will appear on students’ official Cornell transcript.


  • The minor is fulfilled with a minimum of five courses, totaling a minimum of 15 credit hours.
    • Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) students take two required courses and three electives.
    • Non-MMH students take three required courses and two electives.
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA is required in the coursework completed for the minor.
  • Students in an MS or PhD program must have a member from the Graduate Field of Real Estate faculty* appointed as a minor member of their committee.

How to Apply

Students interested in pursuing the Minor in Real Estate should complete the Graduate Real Estate Minor Declaration Form (PDF) and return it to the Office of Student Services, 180 Statler Hall. If you have any questions, schedule a visit with the Sr. Associate Director of Graduate Programs, Beth VanDine, before turning in the form.

Required Coursework

MMH students have three required courses:

  • HADM 6200 – Principles of Real Estate
  • HADM 7510 – Properties Development and Planning
  • HADM 6280 – Real Estate Finance and Investments

Non-MMH students have four required courses:

  • HADM 6200 – Principles of Real Estate (3 credits)
  • CRP 5320 – Real Estate Development Process I (1.5 credits)
  • CRP 5321 – Real Estate Development Process II (1.5 credits)
  • HADM 6280 – Real Estate Finance and Investments (3 credits)

Elective Coursework

Note: Course enrollment subject to prerequisites. The director of graduate studies approves all students’ programs of study and can disqualify any of the courses listed below and accept other courses as electives. Course availability changes each semester. The following lists some of the previously approved elective courses:


(All students select 3 credit hours.)

  • HADM 6271 – Investment in Real Estate Securities and Funds
  • HADM 6210 – Hospitality Real Estate Finance
  • HADM 6250 – Securitization and Structured Financial Products
  • HADM 6220 – Hospitality Asset Management
  • HADM 6255 – Real Estate Development
  • HADM 6870 – Real Estate Law


(All students select 3 credit hours.)

  • CRP 5076 – International Planning and Development Workshop
  • CRP 5590 – Legal Aspects of Land Use Planning
  • CRP 6011 – Ethics, Development, and Globalization
  • CRP 6430 – Affordable Housing Policy and Programs
  • HADM 6080 – Introduction to Casino Operations
  • HADM 4220 – Taxation and Management Decisions
  • HADM 4510 – Restaurant Development
  • HADM 4010 – Data Driven Analytics
  • HADM 6020 – Spa and Spa Hotel and Resort Development and Management
  • HADM 6033 – Operations and Planning of Senior Living and Related Facilities
  • HADM 6240 – Analysis of Financial Statements
  • HADM 6270 – Fixed Income Analysis
  • HADM 6290 – Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • HADM 7510 – Properties Development and Planning
  • CEE 5950- Construction Planning and Operations
  • DEA 6540 – Facility Planning and Management Studio
  • DEA 6590 – Introduction to Facility Planning and Management
  • ARCH 5614 – Introduction to Building Technology
  • NBA 5120 – Applied Portfolio Management
  • NBA 5090 – Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
  • NBA 6780 – Advanced Private Equity: Negotiations and Structuring
  • NBA 5510 – Emerging Markets Finance
  • NBA 5430 – Financial Markets and Institutions
  • NBA 5060 – Financial Statement Analysis
  • NBA 5550 – Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Options
  • NBA 6950 – Game Theory and Business Strategy
  • NBA 5930 – International Entrepreneurship
  • NBA 5540 – International Finance
  • NBA 5420 – Investment and Portfolio Management
  • NBA 5911 – Risk Management in Emerging Markets
  • NBA 6560 – Valuation Principles

* The Graduate Field of Real Estate at Cornell (the Field) is a committee of faculty members who teach and research in real estate or otherwise have an interest in advancing real estate education at Cornell. These individuals come from nearly all colleges on campus. The Field is responsible for the development and maintenance of curriculum for the Cornell Baker Program in Real Estate major and the Graduate Minor in Real Estate. The director of graduate studies serves as chair of the Field.